Our Man in the North


The MiRo family is growing. Until recently all of our trainers have been based in the south of England, traveling around the country to deliver practitioner training and accreditation to prospective candidates from Land’s End to John-O’Groats and beyond.

Over the course of the next few months however we hope to have practitioner trainers working in every corner of the country.

The first of those that we’d like to welcome is “Our Man in the North”, Jeremy Lewis. Having spent several years as an internal and external organisation development specialist and of course a MiRo practitioner he now runs his own consulting, coaching and facilitation practice. He lives on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in Ilkley and when not consulting, coaching or facilitating (or indeed training MiRo Practitioners) he can be found, “walking on Ilkley’s famous moor with his family or in one of Ilkley’s fine hostelries, drinking something pale and artisanal that was brewed in Yorkshire”.

You can find out more about Jeremy (We call him Jez by the way) by following him on Twitter.

Or if you’re an experienced MiRo practitioner and are interested in becoming a Practitioner Trainer like Jeremy, drop us a line at admin@miro-assessment.com