who are you really?

Who are you really

Anyone who has trained as a MiRo practitioner or attended one of our workshops will know that part of the reason that MiRo exists is because of our discomfort with some of the positivistic assertions of traditional personality typing systems, namely, that I am either this OR that, rather than this AND that. And what if I chose to be something different today? Does that make me inauthentic?

In his book “Who are you really?” Professor Brian Little ponders these very problems and concludes that perhaps our personality is less defined by what or who we are but more by what we actually chose to do. Discussions about free will aside, perhaps to be authentic is less about being true to our nature or our nurture and more about having a mission and making choices.

You can find the book here: Amazon.

Or you can hear the prof speak in his TED talk here: TED.com