MiRo Online Training: A Welcome Side Effect of Covid-19?

MiRo Online Training: A Welcome Side Effect of Covid-19

MiRo is now training practitioners in 100% online courses. There has always been an e-learning module and an online test but now the workshops too can be done in the comfort of your own Covid-19 bunker. As a result courses can start earlier and work around candidates’ schedules. When we can get together again, we will be offering low cost face to face refreshers for everyone who trained online but in the meantime you can become a fully fledged MiRo Practitioner without leaving home.

Not only that but because we’re saving on travel expenses, room bookings and lunchtime sandwiches (MiRo training courses are famous for the first class lunches BTW) we can pass those savings on to you.

Here’s what people are saying about learning online with MiRo:

“We all found that a really stimulating day. We spent an hour and half talking about it afterwards. I really valued and enjoyed your expertise.” MW

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day yesterday and it was great to be in the learner rather than teacher role.” SS

“I can’t wait to get using the MiRo tool. Thanks for a really interesting day, I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Really thought provoking!” MK

If you’d like to know more about training to be a MiRo practitioner or if you know anyone that does, contact us HERE